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Soonja Nam

April 13, 2022


Received my worms yesterday! Very fast shipping! All the worms were wriggling around and looks healthy. I'm hoping I can give them a nice habitat. It's my first time so I had to do a lot of research. Very happy with purchase!

Evan Frulla

February 12, 2022

The Best

I will only use Revival products in my garden. If you're looking to grow sustainably, you've stopped at the right shop. You should definitely use their worm castings, I've only seen positive results.

Whitney Cline

January 28, 2022

One Word, WOW!!

Thank you Mark and Christian for crafting the best worm castings on the market! Your products seriously work and I recommend Revival Gardening to all my plant ladies.


November 9, 2021

Soil is the best I have ever used

I have used Revival gardening's coot potting mix now for a couple harvests. The results are incredible. Crop yield and pest resistance have been the best ever. I absolutely am a happy customer and will be giving Mark my business again and again. Thank You for making gardening much more satisfying.

Andrew Johnson

July 11, 2020

The One and Only

I've had the chance to try a few different castings, finding a company that doesn't feed their worms left over waste is very hard. Of the ones that do focus on the diet specifically for the worms, Revivial makes even the ones that do it right, look like sub par castings. The moisture, the texture, smell and of course the response from the plants makes these castings something of their own. Its hard to find castings that align so much with how you grow. Never going back and Mark has been a TREMENDOUS help. The support he has given me has been more than I've received from anyones else. Thank you Mark for bringing these castings to market, so close to home and especially for being willing too offer guidance.

Matthew Jantomaso

July 7, 2020

Best Worm Castings and Service in Central Florida

These are some local folks that can help you take your organic gardening yo the next level!! If you need any advise on soil, pests, keeping your garden super healthy and offering a lasting way of doing it....without any of the synthetic crap.....these are your guys. They have a network of masters in this space!! Let them help will not be disappointed!!

Matt Jantomaso

July 6, 2020

Honest, Professional and Take Pride in Helping

The folks at Revive truly listen to what you want and problems you are having and come up with lasting and beneficial solutions, with your health and soil health in mind! I couldn't believe the knowledge these folks had, i could have sat and talked to Mark for hours. If you want to engage and learn about organic gardening and growing......these are you peeps!!

Nikki Gelman

June 30, 2020


Mark has been a God send. I decided to start a garden over quarantine but I have no clue what I'm doing. Not only did he bring us compost directly to our door, he spent an hour on the phone with me explaining how to make the perfect soil mixture. Then a few weeks later when my plants seemed to be having some issues, he immediately jumped to the rescue. He helped me determine what the problem was and how to fix it. Product Quality- 5 Stars, Product Knowledge- 5 Stars, Customer Service- 5 Stars, if you're doing any type of gardening in the Orlando area, look no further, this is your one stop shop!

Clackamas Coot

June 29, 2020

Amazing quality and knowledge!

I have been working with Mark and his son Chris for the past 2 years since I met them 2 years ago on a visit to Florida to learn about the karanja tree sector in Florida. They have worked very hard to bring living organic soils to their friends and neighbors in Orlando and the surrounding areas. If you care about your plants then Mark & Chris are the people to take care of your gardening projects! “Coot Approved”

Mel F

June 29, 2020


Mark delivered a yard of compost today. The first batch of compost I bought from Revival Gardening that I mixed into my raised vegetable garden led to bountiful results. Once again I am really satisfied with their quality organic product, and NO plastic bags were involved today by just getting a yard. This batch of compost was important because it is going to be used as part of a 2” top dressing for my vegetable garden beds that have settled a few inches. I wanted ‘the best’ for my vegetable plants. I know I got that. I need to buy some kelp and se of their rock dust soon to keep my garden soil in balance.

Angel Vazquez

June 25, 2020

Grateful for the knowledge imparted at no cost

Not even gonna exaggerate. Great products at reasonable prices. And the staff?....great, kind, and very helpful. The kind of people you'll be ok to invite to your house over dinner.

Daeci Morton

June 25, 2020

Highly Recommended

Amazing product, and super knowledgeable and passionate company. Thoroughly impressed, and will definitely be buying my compost through revival in the future!

Shane Veldhuizen

June 17, 2020

The Key To Our Garden

My wife and I recently moved to Orlando and I can honestly say that Revival Gardening's worm castings and soil amendments made all the difference when dealing with our sandy soil. Thanks, you guys!

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John Smith
Changed Everything!

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Kelly Wright
Best Service for Us!

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