Our Story

Like you, we were frustrated.

We’ve battled the host of difficulties Florida gardeners face...sandy soils, lack of minerals, pest issues, disease.. While succumbing to chemical-use may have been the easier route, we were determined to find a better way.

But the answer was right underneath us.

We were fortunate enough to meet a seasoned grower who had faced the same challenges we had and had overcome them by natural-means. He educated us on the importance of building soil and taught us the beauty of working in sync with nature, mimicking her natural patterns.  We learned that if we focus on taking care of the soil, everything else would begin to thrive.

"Got worms?"

Our consultant encouraged us to start creating a healthy soil biome by adding nutrient-dense worm castings. So we started looking in Orlando! But our search for worm castings, we were consistently met with poor quality products that lacked the desired biological activity.

That’s when Revival Gardening was born.

Our disappointment led us to begin experimenting with making our own worm castings. We were shocked at the abundance that followed. We fed our worms a custom formula of organic ingredients in order to make the best castings on the market. Here we are, 2 years later, supplying Central Florida with the best soil products around.

Not sure where to start? We can help. Get in touch with us.