You can grow a garden you’re proud of, and our worms can help you do it.

We leveraged the power of worm castings to create organic fertilizers that work because healthy soil is the most important part of your garden.

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Don’t let sandy soil intimidate you.

Even soil that is unhealthy and lacking nutrients can be returned to health.

Not sure how to garden organically?

Are you building a raised bed?

First time gardener?

Planting fruit trees?

Unsure of how to deal with pests?

Not sure which soil mix to choose?

We get it. Gardening in Orlando can be challenging!

Together we have over 50 years of experience growing fruits  and vegetables in Florida. We also hired a soil biologist to create a specially formulated worm-diet that makes our castings as high quality as they come.

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Here’s a few reasons why you should use our premium worm castings in your garden.

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Faster Plant Growth

Soil Aeration

Water Retention

No Heavy Metals

Burn Proof

Natural Pesticide

Increased Yield

Growing a garden should be simple.

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Revival Happens

Your garden is going to seriously thank you for the favor.

On the fence? You may want to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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New Products

We're excited to now be offering these organic soil amendments. It's time to take your soil health to the next level. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

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Not even going to exaggerate. Great products at reasonable prices. And the staff.... kind, and very helpful. They're kind of people you'd be ok to invite to your house over dinner. I'm just grateful for the help and knowledge imparted at no cost.

-A Satisfied Customer

This stuff works so well! First year I have it in my raised beds and the plants look so healthy.

-A Satisfied Customer