Where To Buy Organic Seeds

A helpful guide to knowing where to buy organic, non-GMO, heirloom seeds

So, you've decided you want to start your garden. Naturally, the next step is to start figuring out where you'll get all your supplies. Not long into the process of researching you realize that starting a garden requires a lot of different stuff. And for those trying to garden organically, things get even more complicated because, in choosing organic, you've just eliminated a huge number of potential suppliers. Thankfully, we've been in that place before ourselves!

It's important to choose good seeds when planting your garden. In fact, your garden will only be as good as the seeds you buy! It's also one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your garden. That being said, where should you look when shopping for seeds? Well, we decided to do some the grunt work for you.

Our top 5 seed companies for your garden

1. Strictly Medicinal Seeds
If you're looking to grow something outside-the-box that could benefit you in multiple ways, look no further than Strictly Medicinal Seeds. These folks are the real deal and they have outstanding service and products.

2. Tomato Growers Supply Company
These guys have a great assortment of tomato seeds as well as many other vegetables. They are a Florida, family-owned company that has been around for a while and, in our experience, always deliver great seeds.

3. Victory Seeds
Unlike many seed companies, Victory Seeds grows their own seed right on their own farm. If they do buy seeds, they source them from a network of small, trusted farms. They offer "rare, open-pollinated, non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom seeds to home gardeners." Sounds pretty victorious, don't you think?

4. Seeds of Change
This company is USDA Certified Organic and always sprout reliable seeds. On top that, as their name suggests, they are on a mission to help farmers and gardeners around the country. For example, they've awarded over $2,500,000 in grants to help community gardens and farms all around the United States. Now that's something we can get behind.

5. True Leaf Market
If you're looking for a one-hit-wonder, look no further. True Leaf Market has a great selection of seeds as well as the supplies you might need to grow them. Everything from seed trays to composting tools, these guys have it.

Want more choices? Here's a list of nearly 200 organic, non-GMO seed businesses worth checking out

  1. 2Bee Seeds  
  2. Adaptive Seeds
  3. Albert Lea Seed
  4. All Good Things Organic Seeds
  5. American Meadows
  6. American Organic
  7. American Meadows
  8. Amishland Heirloom Seeds
  9. Anderson’s Seed and Garden Store
  10. Annie’s Annuals & Perennials
  11. Annie’s Heirloom Seeds
  12. Aravaipa Heirlooms
  13. Backyard Beans & Grains Project
  14. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
  15. Ballengee Farm
  16. bbbSEED
  17. Blue River Hybrids
  18. Botanical Interests
  19. Bountiful Gardens
  20. Burpee
  21. Cherry Gal
  22. Clear Creek Seeds
  23. Cornucopia Seeds
  24. Crispy Farms
  25. D. Landreth Seed Company
  26. Diane’s Flower Seeds
  27. Direct Garden Seeds
  28. Dirt Goddess Garden
  29. Dust Bowl Seed
  30. E&M Heirloom Seeds
  31. Ed Hume Seeds
  32. Eden Organic Nursery Services Inc.
  33. Environmental Seed Producers
  34. Epic Gardens
  35. Family Farmers Seed Cooperative
  36. Family First Supply
  37. Farm Direct Organic Seed
  38. Fedco Seeds Co-op Seed Packers
  39. Filaree Garlic Farm
  40. Foundroot
  41. Fruition Seeds  
  42. Garden Medicinals and Culinaries
  43. Generic Seeds
  44. Golden Harvest Organics
  45. Good Mind Seeds
  46. Good Seed Company
  47. Goodwin Creek Gardens  
  48. Gourmet Seed
  49. Granny’s Heirloom Seeds
  50. Green Space Designs Organic Seeds
  51. Great Harvest Organics
  52. Greta’s Organic Garden
  53. Grower Jim
  54. Harmony Farm Supply
  55. Harris Seeds
  56. Heirloom Organics
  57. Heirloom Seeds
  58. Heritage Flower Farms
  59. High Mowing Organic Seeds
  60. Home Farmer
  61. Hometown Seeds  
  62. Humble Seed
  63. Irish Eyes Garden Seeds  
  64. Italian Seed & Tool Company
  65. J & L Gardens  
  66. J.L. Hudson, Seedsman
  67. John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds
  68. Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  69. Jung Seed
  70. Kitazawa Seed Co.
  71. Lake Valley Seed
  72. Lakeview Organic Grain
  73. Laurel’s Heirloom Plants
  74. Living Seed
  75. Living Whole Food Inc.
  76. Log House Plants
  77. Main Street Seed & Supply
  78. Marianna’s Heirloom Seeds
  79. Mary’s Heirloom Seeds
  80. Michigan Heirlooms
  81. Miss Tizzy’s Weed’s & Seeds
  82. Mountain Valley Growers
  83. Mountain Valley Seed Co.
  84. My Heirloom Seeds
  85. My Patriot Supply
  86. Native Seeds
  87. New Dimension Seed
  88. New England Seeds
  89. New Hope Seed Company
  90. New Mexico Tree and Garden Center llc
  91. Nichols Garden Nursery
  92. Ommas Aarden Heirloom Seed
  93. Orchard House Heirlooms
  94. Organic Heirloom Plants
  95. Organic Sanctuary
  96. Organic Seed Alliance
  97. Osborne Seed Company
  98. Outside Pride
  99. Pantry Garden Herbs
  100. Peace Seeds
  101. Peaceful Valley Seeds
  102. Pearson’s Gardens & Herb Farm
  103. Penny’s Tomatoes
  104. Pepper Joe’s
  105. Pinetree Garden Seeds & Accessories
  106. Plants of the Southwest
  107. Pollinator Nation
  108. Rare & Exotic Seeds
  109. Redwood Seeds
  110. Renee’s Garden
  111. Restoration Seeds
  112. Rich Farm Garden
  113. Richters
  114. Rolling Hills
  115. Rooftop Ready Seeds
  116. Salt Springs Seeds
  117. San Diego Seed Company
  118. Seed Geeks
  119. Seed Savers Exchange
  120. Seedaholic
  121. Seeds & Things
  122. Seeds for Generations
  123. Seeds for the South
  124. Seeds from Italy
  125. Seeds Now
  126. Seeds of Change
  127. Seeds Of Diversity
  128. Seeds of Victoria
  129. Select Seeds
  130. Siskiyou Seeds
  131. Skyfire Garden Seeds
  132. Smart Seeds
  133. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  134. Sow True Seeds
  135. Sprout People
  136. St. Clare Heirloom Seeds
  137. Sunnyside Organic Seedlings
  138. Sustainable Moutain Agriculture Center Inc.
  139. Sustainable Seed Company
  140. Swallowtail Garden Seeds
  141. Tatiana’s Tomatobase
  142. Terra Edibles
  143. Territorial Seed Company
  144. Terroir Seeds
  145. The Ark Institute
  146. The Cook’s Garden
  147. The Freeman Family Farm
  148. The Kusa Seed Society
  149. The Living Seed Company
  150. The Maine Potato Lady
  151. The Pepper Gal
  152. The Seed Guy
  153. The Snarky Gardener
  154. The Strawberry Store
  155. The Tasteful Garden
  156. The Thyme Garden Herb Co.
  157. The Vermont Wildflower Farm
  158. Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants
  159. Todd’s Seeds
  160. Tomato Growers
  161. TomatoFest
  162. Turtle Tree Seed
  163. Two Seeds in a Pod
  164. Umpquatopia
  165. Underwood Gardens
  166. Uprising Seeds
  167. Urban Harvest
  168. Veseys
  169. Victory Seeds
  170. West Coast Seeds
  171. Westwind Seeds & Gardenscapes
  172. White Oak Valley Farm
  173. Wild Garden Seed
  174. William Dam Seeds
  175. WinterSown
  176. Wood Prairie Farm